We're going on Adventure !!!


Day 2 

The weather's niceee ???? , and the sun ... gosh !!! was shining brilliantly ? , we knew it was a great day to " Go on an Adventure "

We began our searchings firstly at Taman Daya ... in that area we managed to find two potential sites that we could change for good ??

One was at Jalan Nibong and the other one was at Jalan Delima ?? One of our teachers lived in Jalan Nibong ... What a coincidence !!!

The last potential site that we found was at Kampung Bunga Ros ?? , the place was waaaayyyyyyyyyy far from our school but still had its own potentials ?? . 

But ... After we found the sites , What are we gonna do ? Develop the place ? Clean the place ? woahhhhh sooo many questions !!! . 

So if you , my fellow readers , want to know what we're going to do with those places .... Stay Tuned !!!