The Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins ...


It was the day of the workshop organised by Toyota which was located in Subang . We called it as our first step before our journey because we just knew the rules and regulations of the programme . We were very , really, extremely happy even though it was a quite challenging workshop with all those brainstorming , quizzes and all that ... When we ready to return JB , we knew that we had a BIG mission to be made. When we said BIG , we MEAN " B I G " . Words cant desribe our feelings when we wanted to return home , arrgggghhhhh !!! but we never forgot the memories that we made because memories live FOREVERR ... Along our journey , we discussed what our next plan wil be , our teacher , Cikgu Izra said " we cant celebrate until we accomplish our mission " but the question is ... What is Our Next PLAN ? Are we gonna make some TREMENDOUS MOVE or we just SIT BACK and DO NOTHING ... so , my fellow readers , STAY TUNED !!!