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by student_smjkyc_1 7. September 2016 11:56



In February, I was invited by my friends and teacher to participate in the 'Toyota Eco Youth' challenge. At first, I knew nothing about this event and just participated to join with my friends. When our team received the message that we are selected among the 16 schools, I was indeed surprised and be proud of the result.

     In the end of the February, our team was invited to a workshop held by the organizer at Aoncorde Hotel in Shah Alam, Selangor. We were in full excitement that our team will be representing our state to participate in this challenge. At the workshop, we were exposed to the QA tools and QC technique that might useful to solve the problems that we would face in our daily life. At the second day of the work shop, our school, SMJK Yuk Choy won the 'Best Presentation'. We were very surprise that we won the prize!!! After that, we promised ourselves to try our best to win this challenge.

     During six months of preparation for the on site judging, my team mates and I worked together to succeed this challenge. We divided the tasks equally among the team mates. Although sometimes we had conflict among the members but we tried our best to do our parts. Teachers also gave encouragements and fully support to us when we felt disappointed. When someone was busy with his/her society activities, we would take turn to do the task.

     Actually, I learned a lo through this challenge. We must be tolerant among the members if not conflict would be easily happen. I also learn the way to communicate with the resident in Lim Garden as well as improving my speaking skills. I also learn that we must always be confident of ourselves. We should be brave when talking to others. Then, we should try our best to complete the tasks given to us although it might be some mistakes but if we tried to do it, we will not repeat the mistakes for the second time so do more is not a loss for us. The most important thing, I observed during this challenge is that the environment sharing is not so popular among the community so we as the eco minions. During this challenge is that the environmental sharing is not so popular among the community, so we as the eco minions, plan to do good deed to share some awareness among the public.

     In the nutshell, I felt indeed grateful that I was one of the members of the 'Eco Minions' and participate in this challenge. I learned many skills that would be useful in my future. Thank you for my beloved teachers, Mr Deva, Ms Nadiya, Ms Sheena and Ms Wong for guiding us throughout this challenge and my parents whom gave me spiritual support when I felt hopeless. Thank you, to all the members.