On 13t june,we were leant how to make biodiesel from the wasted cooking oil.We thougt it was very hard to make the biodiesel but it was very esay to make.All of us got a chance to make and learn to make the biodiesel.This is the way to make biodiesel.You can try at your school laboratory. Make sure there is teacher watching! 

1. Cooking oil is dried under  the sun between temperatures of 45-60 degrees. 
2. 1 litter of used cooking oil is processed through chemical reactions with 3.5g sodium hydroxide and 120ml methanole
3. 3.5g sodium hydroxide is weighed and crushed into dust fine. 
4. Then brewed with 120ml of methanol to combine. 
5. Solution put in 1 liter of used cooking oil and shake it for 5 minutes. 
6. The mixture is dried for 3 days and the resulting biodiesel and gliserin obtained.

Good luch guys!!