Assalamualaikum & ssup guys!

Okay peeps. Can you guess what does the word progression means?



the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state.


We are very sure that everyone knows about the product that we've invented to replace the big 3R Cage. It can be put in the house as it comes in a small size. Okay so the purpose of creating this post is to talk about the progression on the 3R Cage.


What is 3R Cage?

3R cage is a cage containing 3 different compartments for separating the recycle waste into their categories.


Therefore, in order to ease the recycling activity, we've invented a new product named TRee (you can refer to the previous post for more details).


This is some of the pictures during the process of making the TRee.



That's all for today.



Thank you Toyota.

Don't let your waste harm the environment.


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