Each team was separated into two groups. Three representatives from each school were taken to Tzu Chi Recycling Centre while the other three were taken to Toyota Assembly Services Sdn. Bhd. The three of us were accompanied by Puan Jamaliah.

 As soon as we arrived, a Toyota facilitator told us the do’s and don’t’s while being in the factory. We were given a Toyota cap as a welcoming gift and took a group photo. After that, we were taken to one of their meeting rooms where they showed us a few clips from their advertising campaign. After a brief explanation about what their factory does to reduce carbon emissions, the facilitators gave us ear pieces to hear the facilitator’s voice clearer when he would elaborate about each station we would go to.

Our guide, Fazri, brought us outside to show us their solar panel system. This system is used to generate electricity for the assembly process. Then, he led us to their rooftop where all the solar panels were aligned. There were approximately 400 panels in total. The amount of solar energy they collected every day could power 63 houses, but it also depended on the weather.

After that, he led us to their factory downstairs where all the cars were being assembled according to their stations. The factory produced 83 units a day. One car takes 11.3 minutes to assemble. After the assembly process, the car is sent into painting. For the first half of the painting process, they use robotic arms to spray the paint onto the car to minimise over spray. Over spraying may affect the environment. The paint is actually made up of 30% thinner as well. This is to avoid rusting. The next half of the process is done by hand by the workers to fill in any gaps that the machines had missed. It takes 4.21 minutes for a car to go through the whole process.

Fazri then showed us their recycling procedure. There were four bins of different colours. Blue is aluminium or metal wastes. Red is for chemical wastes. Green is for rubbish in general. Yellow is for wrapping plastic.

We walked another round around the factory outside, and then we returned to the Concorde Hotel.