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26. Lights of Joy

by student_smkbms_1 2. August 2016 11:21

Lights of Joy

An event which marks the end of our project was carried out successfully on the 3rd of September and was held to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at Taman Bunga Blossom. 

Teachers, residents, and volunteers assisted in preparations like hanging lanterns and setting up the main tent coupled with subtle things like prizes and refreshments. Not only that, performers came early to practise for the night. 

 ABOVE : Some of the lanterns, that were made from recyclables, submitted by contestants/students.

Residents swarmed the area in the evening and the event commenced at 7 p.m. with a short speech by the principal.

Prizes were given to the contestant with the best lantern and not to forget, the winners of the previous colouring contest held at two nearby kindergartens.

One of the main highlights was definitely the performances. The string of performances by our school's skilled Diablo club members (Chinese yo-yo), the stunning 24 Seasons Drums, and graceful dancers representing the school's Chinese Club propelled the spirit and energy of everyone.

ABOVE: Malaysians showcasing their eating skills.

Towards the end of the event, everyone paraded lanterns around the area , an activity dubbed the 'Lantern Walk'.

In conclusion, we were delighted with the involvement of many parties, especially the residents, and are grateful for the support garnered. Hopefully, this event has convicted the residents to be more conscientious in managing their waste and be considerate towards the environment.