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17.Tyres Deployment

by student_smkbms_1 25. June 2016 05:58

Tyres Deployment

The time has come to initiate the first part of the revamp. Basically, we used used black tyres to form a perimeter at the area. The painted ones form the inner row and flowers are planted in them. From the pictures, you will see why we dreaded this phase of our plan. 

Fortunately, we had students who generously volunteered to assist us. This greatly alleviated our burden though we suspect that a certain few may have an ulterior motive.

TOP: Uncle David, a resident, generously contributed an astounding plant for the beautification.

All in all, it was a tiresome and exhausting week for us. Though lethargy befell us, we felt satisfied with our work and were glad to be able to liven up Taman Bunga Blossom.

P.S: We developed stronger muscles and tanned skin too, hehe.