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24. Second Memorandum (MPS)

by student_smkbms_1 2. August 2016 10:34

Second Memorandum (MPS)

A memorandum of the same stature as the first was signed on 22nd August with Majlis Perbandaran Seremban (MPS). The main purpose was also identical, that is to gain MPS' support and the maintenance of our site. 

 An officer representing the council articulated words of welcome and appreciation, so did the our principal.

Signatures by the principal and the officer were then etched on the document.

Not only that, we brought the officer to the info-site. He commended us for our efforts and promised to assist us in any way he can. In fact, he has actually aided us previously. During the formation of the info-site, we approached him, the head of Jabatan Landskap dan Taman to request for 50 plants and he granted it.