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19. United Change

by student_smkbms_1 29. July 2016 04:25

United Change

A united front will not be restricted by what a small group would only be limited by, such as time, ideas, and manpower. Thus, we decided to organise a spring cleaning which involved residents, teachers, SW Corp employees and students. Besides, the joint effort helped to speed up the beautification of the recreational site. Inset: A copy of the flyers distributed to inform all parties of the event.

We rendezvoused at the site at 8 a.m. and were divided into different groups, each tasked with various responsibilities. 

Some of the many activities done simultaneously include:

 1) Planting Flowers 

Various attractive plants were planted between tyres and also around the gazebo.

 2) Building A Swing

 The Scouts pioneered this activity as they were proficient at manipulating ropes and bamboo trunks. Without their assistance, it would have been a clueless venture for us. 

 3) Bamboo Path

As the Scouts have recently ended their annual 'campfire' event, they donated a big stack of bamboo that were used to make their gadget. To form a path at the site, we improvised by cutting the bamboo sticks into halves and laid them on the ground to form rows of uniformly arranged bamboo sticks that act as a base. After the foundations were laid, shellac was added to the path to give it a shiny look that is comparatively equal to that of a completely bald human head(shiny indeed), hehe.

 4) Vertical Gardening

As residents have limited space to garden, we decided to introduce a conventional gardening technique, that is vertical gardening. To ensure that the residents grasp this technique effortlessly, a model which utilised this technique was built.


 5) Herb Garden

Besides randomly planting flowers around the garden, we started building a mini herb garden. The herbs planted were beneficial(health etc) and were meant for the residents' use.

 It was overall a very tiring event but the unity and cooperation portrayed was worth it. Though a few residents joined, we still wonder where the other 500 were. Bitter it was, we were still able to complete the revamp and finally succeeded in implementing our main countermeasure. We greatly hope that this info-site would serve its purpose and that residents would be able to learn plenty from it.