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18. Revamp 2

by student_smkbms_1 24. July 2016 18:29

Revamp 2



We were jumping with joy when we first heard that a contractor sponsored an astounding gazebo to complement the project sitePlacing a gazebo at the site was an expensive task. It depleted most of the funds that we have acquired from sponsors. Well, at least visitors would be able to recuperate at the site whilst appreciating the tranquil atmosphere there.



 b)Reflexology Path

Moreover, we have constructed a reflexology path using cement and pebbles. At school, we mixed cement powder and water to form a long block of cement. Then, pebbles were placed in various densities along the fresh cement block and this resulted in a myriad of sections along the block that consist of different number of pebbles (unintentional). This was definitely our first experience making cement blocks and it was simpler than we thought.

Want to discover your own physical endurance? Try out our torturing reflexology path!

 ABOVE: The reflexology path in progress.

 c)Swan Tyres

Prior to our previous venture into tyres, we shaped the tyres into swan-like models. It was an arduous process as there were wires implanted inside the tyres. These wires are sharp when cut and they hazardously protrude. Many a time, our hands were cut due to carelessness so handling the tyres cautiously and gently was imperative. I guess this was how the tyres exact revenge on us for altering them, hehe.

The models were then painted and displayed at the entrance to the reflexology path. These attractive depictions of the graceful swan seem to capture the hearts of many.





Courtesy of INTI International University & Colleges, a fantastic info-board was made possible through their sponsorship. This alleviated our burden and we humbly appreciate their assistance. The board exudes a vibrant, colorful look that would surely arouse curiosity and interest among passersby.