Beauty and the Beast. A very unlikely pairing isn’t it? One is elegant and gorgeous and the other is..well.. hairy…

Yet, how can the beautiful Belle fell in love with the ugly Beast in this famous fairy tale?

Yeah. You’ve watched it. I’ve watched it. We ALL know this story. The Beast, with his sharp teeth and furry body, only looks ugly and scary on the outside. Through Belle’s unconditional care and love, he turned out to be loving and loyal inside; the best man that Belle could ever marry.

“Wait a second… How is this related to your Cyber Nature’s project again?” you might ask.


Well, we are using a metaphor here my fellow readers. Our nature, is like the damsel; effortlessly beautiful and calming to eye . The Beast on the other hand, is the smelly rubbish; horrifying to the eye and dangerous for our safety, which most people believe would pollute the nature.

Ah.. Hold your horses.. Just like we’ve mentioned before, DO NOT judge the waste too early.

Now, if you really take your time to study about bacteria, enzyme and nutrients inside a pile of certain kitchen waste or Google about nifty D.I.Y handicraft made from solid waste, you will find out that, with the right handling, your rubbish and the nature can be a match made in heaven. They just complement each other.


Taking our time to learn the about the AMAZING usage of waste from our beloved Biology teacher Puan Noorlaila Abdullah.

Still sceptical? Well then, don’t take our words for it. Do follow our Waste Management project yourself and get ready to be amazed by what a bunch of … and determined students can do when collaborating with our teachers, stakeholders, parents and of course the villagers.


Our aim, roughly.

While you’re here, have a look again at our self-made video of the project site; Kg Bukit Orang Asli Bukit Dugang, a place not far from Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

Though located near to the big cities, the village still have that laid back aura to it. The moment you enter the village you will automatically feel like you want to get out the car and just have a stroll to wherever the small path leads you. Unfortunately, there were some pile of wastes scattered  around the village.

We hope to make some, if not big, difference to the village. Not for glory.. not for fame… just for the feeling that “Yeah, I’ve done something for the society AT LEAST once in my life.” Stay tune you guys! You are in for a great journey. Adios for now.

Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Dugang <----you can watch it in Youtube