Hello dearest readers.


Thank you so much for your passion and patience to stay alongside us from when we first embarked on this Toyota Eco Youth challenge until today.


As you know, we have completed all the required steps for Toyota's 8-Step Problem Solving Methodology and this post is meant to share what a representative from Masjid Muadzam Shah committee, Cikgu Abdullah bin Omar, has to say about our project:



Good impact, yes? We hope this positive outcome will continue even when this project has come to its end.



We believe this is where we say our goodbyes. Again, our utmost gratitude and appreciation to you, our dearest readers, for your relentless support.


But dearest readers, let's make a promise between us:


Let's keep up our good work and effort to reduce carbon footprint because...


"A clean and green world is our perfect dream."


Goodbye, and thank you.