Let's get back on our adventurous track.


After Ecosphere Protectors were formed, we gave one simple assignment to each of our member: To find a potential site for our TEY 2017 project. We gave them a week (during the first mid-term holidays, between 17 to 25 March) to scout the potential sites around the district.


This is the first step for Toyota's 8-Step Problem-Solving Methodology, which is to identify and select problem.

We did not sit idly by while waiting. Instead, we wrote letters to notify the local authorities such as Padang Terap District Office and Padang Terap Police Headquarters about our involvement in TEY 2017.


On March 22nd, Padang Terap District Officer, Tuan Haji Fathullah Suhaimi bin Haji Ismail (AMK., AMN., BCK.) had welcomed us to his office. We started the meeting with a brief presentation about TEY 2017 by our representatives. It was all done in English. We were so nervous since it was our first presentation and being informed with only short notice, we were not fully prepared. However, we were so glad and relieved when the officer actually praised our attempt and effort to present in English. He also promised to give us full support for any upcoming events we plan to do.

Thank you, Padang Terap District Office!

As school reopened, we gathered in our HQ and laid out the choices of possible sites for our project.


Do you want to know about the choices of possible sites we had gathered? Wait for it in our next update!