Hello, we meet again!


In this entry, we will share with you –  our dearest readers –  the potential sites our members managed to find. The members of Ecosphere Protectors took the assignment very seriously and we managed to compile a long list of problems around Kuala Nerang.


However, we only need to suggest three potential sites to the Toyota representatives during their site verification visit.


Let's begin.


Site A

Problem: Undisposed Rubbish

Location: Felcra Belimbing Tualak

Distance from school: Approximately 8.9km




Site B

Problem: Rubbish Dumping in the Drainage

Location: Kampung Berokhas

Distance from school: Approximately 3.4km




Site C

Problem: Unrecycled Waste

Location: Kuala Nerang Day Market

Distance from school: Approximately 1.0km




Now we have three potential sites, but which one should we choose?


In order to solve this problem, we used just the right tool given to us during the workshop. It is an evaluation matrix called the "QC Tool."


Using this tool, we have to rate and give a score of 1, 3 or 5 for each problem. Below are the criteria:


1) Doable

– can we do this project?

– will we receive help and support from the community we need to work with?


2) Time

– will there be ample time to complete this project within the allocated time?


3) Impact Rating

– does this project have any impact to natural resources or human health?

– is the project related to the theme?




The members of Ecosphere Protectors sat together during a meeting to discuss this matter.



Below is the result of our discussion:


Our Verdict:

We decided to choose Kuala Nerang Day Market as our project site.


Now, we are ready for the site verification visit.


Please read our next update to know about what happens next!