Hello dear readers! We meet again.


Ever wonder what it feels like to be the first ones to do something?


Yes, you're right. Anxious, nervous...all in one!


And that's what we felt when we received the news (and a notification letter) from Mr. Hairuzin that we would be the second school they will be coming for Site Verification Visit on March 28.


...and March 28 seemed to come too fast.






We prepared Bilik Wawasan, our school's conference room, to welcome the Toyota representatives. We were still nervous.




The Toyota representatives finally arrived!

We expected to see Mr. Hairuzin, but we were informed that he could not make it to our school since he had to undergo a surgery (get well soon, Mr. Hairuzin!) so Puan Suhaila came with Mr. Adi instead.

First thing first: The Toyota representatives went to see the our school principal, Mr. Rosleesham bin Saad.

Our principal was happy to see the Toyota representatives, and he repeatedly announced his aim to win this competition! 



It's finally time for us to present the potential sites we have gathered. We would be lying if we tell you that it all went smooth sailing – because it did not. Our team leader, Bee Jian Sien, while feeling nervous, did his best during his presentation. Our second presenter and also our assistant leader, Nur Hafizah, also did her very best despite stammering every now and then...


...but Puan Suhaila praised them for doing their best! The mood of everybody in the room was lightened up, and all faces were beaming with motivation.

Thank you, Puan Suhaila! We promised to do much, much better next time!



After half an hour break, we geared up for our site visit. Our first destination was SITE C: Kuala Nerang Day Market.

We walked around Kuala Nerang Day Market with the Toyota representatives. As we were walking around the market looking at the unseparated recyclable waste, Puan Suhaila raised a very important question to us,


"Look at these very busy sellers. Do you think they will have time to be interviewed and to answer your survey questions?"


The question sure made us think about a few things we did not think about during our Step 1:

– our target community is the sellers at the day market. They are not locals who only come to sell their products twice a week, so they could care less about the local environment.

– they have paid cleaning fee to the Padang Terap City Council, which is why they do not separate the recyclable waste.

– it will be very difficult to get response and cooperation from them since they will be busy doing business.


Before we went to SITE A: Felcra Belimbing Tualak, Puan Suhaila asked if there is any nearby residential area. Luckily, Taman Jati is located next to the day market so we simply went there on foot.

We met a few residents and Puan Suhaila asked them about their monthly electricity bill. The residents were very friendly and supportive when we told them that we are representing Kedah in Toyota Eco Youth challenge and had to do surveys, interviews, and even community-related programmes that will involve them.


Next, we went to Felcra Belimbing Tualak and met one of the committee members, Mr. Samsudin bin Idris. He took us to see the rubbish dumping area.

Because we were running out of time, we did not go to SITE B: Drainage at Kampung Berokhas and went straight back to our school.



We took one-hour break for lunch and prayer.



We went back to Bilik Wawasan to further discuss about the most suitable site for our project.

During this session, Puan Suhaila informed us that people often relate rubbish and waste with conserving the environment. While reducing waste and rubbish may help to reduce carbon footprint, the impact is considered too small since it is not easy to calculate the end result*. She further explained that the most common (and probably the biggest) carbon footprint contributors are electricity and fuel and suggested that we should focus on either the two.

* please note that rubbish and waste can be categorised into many categories, i.e solid or liquid, electrical waste, green waste, etc., which can be further divided into many other categories such as recyclable or non-recyclable. These categories are often differentiated using different colours, e.g. green, blue, black, etc. (click here for reference)



Next, we gathered the other members of Ecosphere Protectors for in-depth training session regarding the 8-Step Problem Solving Methodology as she showed sample of slides from previous years' participants/winners. It was an eye-opening session as we learnt and gained fuller understanding of many concepts we were exposed to during the workshop.

Later in the afternoon, we underwent media training with Mr. Adi. He showed us how to navigate through Toyota Eco Youth blog website and presented us with our username and password. Puan Suhaila added that starting this year, Toyota has decided to use another social media other than blog, which is Instagram!

                       To follow us on Instagram, look for  teysmkdsa2017  or simply click / tap on the username.


As we ended the training session, our principal took the golden opportunity to thank the Toyota representatives and to encourage the members of Ecosphere Protectors to win this competition. He emphasised again about winning the competition and seeing how spirited our principal, we want to try our best to be the champion!

Please pray for us, and support our effort to save the environment.


Sorry for such a long post. We hope to see you again, our dearest readers, in our next post! Till then.


"A clean and green world is our perfect dream."