Bill Nye, an American television presenter popularly known as the Science Guy once said, "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't."

We're sure our dear readers also agree with him, right?

Realising this fact, we decided to pay 2016's Toyota Eco Youth champion, SMK Taman Kenari, a visit on April 26, 2017.



We were warmly welcomed by both students and teachers who were involved in last year's TEY challenge. The session began with presentation by the winners of best presentation.



Next, the teachers advisor from SMK Taman Kenari shared their experience and some invaluable tips about Toyota Eco Youth.



Before we left, we took a commemorative photo in front of the school building. Hopefull it will be a good luck charm for us.



Thank you, SMK Taman Kenari!


"A clean and green world is our perfect dream."