Hello dearest readers.


We are already approaching the ending of this Toyota Eco Youth journey.


Here we are, finally at Step 8 which is the final step of Toyota's Problem Solving Methodology. In this step, we need to standardise and establish control of the things we have done throughout Steps 1 to 7 by forging agreements with related people and organisations that can help maintain the outcome even after TEY project has ended.


We have not signed any Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with anyone yet but the committee of Masjid Muadzam Shah has agreed to continue our efforts at the masjid. Our principal also has agreed to adopt Masjid Muadzam Shah as "masjid angkat" due to the fact that our students go there weekly for Jumaat prayers.


We think that this is enough for Step 8.


Since the MoU has not been signed, there is not photos that we can share in this post.


Thank you for reading. Adieu.



"A clean and green world is our perfect dream."