Hello dear readers.


We meet again.


This post will reveal to you how Ecosphere Protectors came into existence.


After we returned from the workshop at Concorde Hotel, we were physically exhausted and we found homework was already piling up from the three days we were absent from school (and homework does not complete themselves, do they?) so we all took the weekend off to rejuvenate ourselves.


Team Members Selection

On March 5th, we held our first meeting. We discussed about the potential sites for our TEY 2017 project. Then we realised something: We could not do all the works with only 6 members and 2 teacher advisors. This is when we decided to conduct an interview session to select another 20 members.


Before we conducted the interview, we prepared a list of questions first. Below are the example of questions we asked during the selection:

- Where do you stay, and can you stay back at school until 6pm every day?

- Are you afraid to talk to strangers?

- Can you cooperate with other people, listen and follow orders?

Next, we informed all students about the interview during our daily assembly.


On March 8th, we conducted the interview. We were surprised to see so many candidates waiting to be interviewed. There were more than 40 candidates and it took us more than 2 hours to finish the session. The new members were announced after the assembly on the next day.


A recap of our team members selection.



Ecosphere Protectors Meet the Principal

The first official meeting between the Ecosphere Protectors and our principal, Mr. Rosleesham bin Saad, happened on March 9th. The principal congratulated the new members and gave a brief explanation regarding TEY 2017 challenge and the future activities he had planned in conjunction with our project.


Our first official meeting with the principal in Bilik Wawasan, our school's conference room.



Preparing TEY HQ

After our first meeting with the principal, we were given a vacant classroom for our headquarter. We spent the whole afternoon to clean up and decorate the room. Next, we decided on the most suitable table arrangement. We chose conference room layout so that it would be easier for us to conduct our meetings in the future.



Once our own HQ was ready, we held our very first meeting there.


Find out more about our first meeting and other activities in the upcoming entries!


See you around!