Here we are again.


In case you didn't know, dear readers, media plays a vital role in propagating information and news to the general mass. It is one of the best ways to promote a product, or to advertise ideas since it is rapid, widespread, time saving and widely available.

Realising this fact, a teacher in our school, Encik Azahar, has organised a trip to Jabatan Penyiaran Malaysia (RTM) in Alor Setar. Many members of Ecosphere Protectors grasped this opportunity to join the trip.



The officers there were very friendly as they entertained our questions after they took us around the buildings to see where Kedah..FM DJs and RTM newscasters work and how their works are done.




Before we left, DJ Rizal (the handsome man in black blazer) offered us a golden opportunity we couldn't refuse: To record a song dedication.

Bee Jian Sien, the leader of Ecosphere Protectors, used this golden opportunity to advertie about our team and our Toyota Eco Youth project.



Below is the montage of the recording:



The recording was aired on Kedah.FM on April 22 at 3.15pm.


"A clean and green world is our perfect dream."