Let's Know Us!

by student5 21 Apr 2017

Assalammualaikum and peace to all of you!

We are from Negeri Sembilan and proudly representing our school, SMK Datuk Haji Abdul Samad also known as SDASA. We are very happy because we are one of the schools that has been chosen to participate in Toyota Eco Youth 2017 Project. Thank you to UMW Toyota Motor for organising this project.

It feels blessed to have anyone who visits our blog. We are pretty sure you really want to know who we are, right? Yes, as you can see our banner on top of this website, we are Eco Phoenixlike. What is Eco Phoenixlike? Let us tell you guys. Ehem, ehem..

Tadaaaa!~ This is our official logo. We choose Eco Phoenixlike as our team's name because, Eco means connected to the environment and Phoenixlike is reborn, reemerged, rebirth and begin a new life. Other than that, Phoenix is a myth bird that has 7 additional life. It also means that the Earth will reemerge with a new healthier environment if the youth people always guarding and taking care of the Earth.

We also want to show you the meaning of our logo. 

Beautiful logo with a beautiful meaning <3

It's time to know who are the members that will work together along the project. We are Eco Phoenixlike! And we are United!

Ayyy~ We are looking outstanding and splendid. Huhu. Each of us will be trying our best to keep this project to work perfectly well together. Good walls, make good neighbours. 

Team's Vision : Keep the Earth green for the future generation.

Our Mission : To make the Earth free from any type of pollution.

Team's Motto : Nature is our treasure, help to save it!

Wish us luck!!!

Aha, not to forget!! Follow our Instagram @tey_sdasa2017 to see more photos of our project. That is all for now! Stick with our blog for any updates! Bye and Assalamualaikum!