Assalamualaikum and hello to all the readers!~ We are still here to update the latest progress in our project. We went to Medan Selera Bagan Pinang to take the water sample from the drain behind the food court and intended to send it to Jabatan Alam Sekitar as soon as possible for the "before" result and analize the data to compare it with the "after" result.

We love the enviroment in Bagan Pinang because it is just by the beach, we were having fun there during taking the drain water samples because of the windy and chilling air blowing. We felt like we were doing music video. Hahahaa XD

Nice work, l1 eader! Our team leader is taking the dirty water that polluted by wasted cooking oil from the drain end.  Look, how dirty the drain was???~!

The drainage's situation was in a very critical condition!! We need to find the solution to make the chages immediately!!

EWWWWW!! So gross. 

The bottle was full with mixed water and wasted cooking oil.

We hope we can solve this as soon as Mr Zin and Madam Suhaila come over to our school to see the changes that we make in our magnificent project.

Wish us luck and always stick on our blog to never miss a single update from us!~~

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