Assalamualaikum and hello! Back at it again with our latest update on this blog~ So far, our project is on the smooth progress with a lot of help from the deparments.

We contacted JAS Negeri Sembilan (Jabatan Alam Sekitar) for giving us the permission to do a meeting with the senior assistant director of JAS, Madam Sharifah Zakiah Syed Sahab through Madam Lizrin. We held a meeting to discuss on how to get the drain water samples periodically, fortnately they are willing to help us on taking the sampel weekly to get the first before result and the final after result.

Shh, meeting is aired. We was discussing and focusing on Madam Sharifah's brilliant ideas about water sampling and this competition. She was really excited about Toyota Eco Youth because she said JAS is willing to help for any environmental event moreover that involving schools.

Without further ado, let's see our trip at Jabatan Alam Sekitar : 


Madam Lizrin brought us to the JAS' library and we were finding out more info about carbon footprint and how to overcome the air pollution.

"Hello, sorry for disturbing~" 

These are JAS staff. They were preparing for the Hari Raya Feast.

We discussed and talked a lot about the project. What was more exciting, all the JAS staff are so sociable and had fun to talk with. Much love <3

Thanks Jabatan Alam Sekitar for cooperating with us! 

Wish us luck and always stick on our blog to never miss a single update from us!~~

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