Assalamualaikum and hello! Back at it again with our latest update on this blog~

After the official meeting with JAS right before the installation of oil separator, our group received an official letter of feedback from the environmental departments on sample taking that already made periodically on 10,11,12 (July).

We set up our target by startig clearly what to archieve. What are we targeting is the reduction of waste water quality. We also have the target to reduce fro 8.26mg/l to 2.08mg/l converted to CO2 with the percentage of 75% reduction by this month.

Thus, to archieve the target, as we discussed with MPPD, the installation of oil separator were distributed to each tavern in Medan Selera Bagan Pinang by the engineer of the department. It is to reduce the oil from coming out to the drain and flows out to the Bagan Pinang beach. It targets all the 5 traders. All the discussion, preparation and installation were held by the team, MPPD staff by 4th week of July until 1st week of August. 

On 1 August, the installations were all successed! 


The cooperation given by the MPPD is very much appreciated as they demonstrate their commitment to make this project more success. Thank you MPPD! 

After the installation, JAS came again to take the sample of waste water quality. On 3, 4. 5 (August) they came to take the water sample periodically, analyzed and faxed the result to us.

BEFORE (mg/l) AFTER(mg/l)
                           8 (10/7)             NA (3/8)
                          8.5 (11/7)             1.0 (4/8)
                          8.3 (12/7)             NA (5/8)

The reduction has passed the target which is 96.36%. Yeayy!

Wish us luck and always stick on our blog to never miss a single update from us!~~

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