Hi! Assalamualaikum and peace to you all! 


The first time we heard about Toyota Eco Youth 2017. We were also wondering, 'What is Toyota Eco Youth?"

Toyota Eco Youth is an annual national-level environmental education programme organized by UMW Toyota Motor with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education since 2001, Wahhh, exciting!! Traditonally, sixteen schools nationwide take part in the programme representing respective states and Federal Territories. In 2010, the competition was opened for a "Battle of the Eco Champions", where winner from 2002-2009 compete with each other. Woahh, that's fantastic!

Starting in year 2011, the Toyota Eco Youth programme has moved a step higher to solving environmental issues in the surrounding community, which requires participants to work with the local authorities and other stakeholders. So, this is going to be a very huge and serious project for the students and teachers!


Wuhuuu!! We felt so happy when we heard that we were going to stay in Concorde Hotel for 3 days and 2 night. Who's not?! Haha~ When we arrived, we registered our name and straight went to lunch. Erhh we already hungry as a bear! The staff invited us to eat our lunch which our table was already reserved. At first we couldn't believe that we are the only school that comes from Negeri Sembilan! Woww, we are so proud! We saw the students from different schools were arriving, they seemed very outstanding and friendly. We couldn't wait to make friends!

After we had our lunch, we were having the assemble at the hotel lobby. We went to 2 locations for site visits. Tzu Chi and Assemble Services Sdn Bhd (ASSB). To be fair and square, we split our team into 2. Girls went to Tzu Chi and boys Went to ASSB, and we shared and exchanged our stories and moment when we were at the locations. It was so fun to have that kind of experiences to see how they reuse and recycle things.

After all the visits ended, we had our tea break and back to the ballroom and get ready to listen to the debrief on the outcome of visit Environment, Safety & Health Department, UMW Toyota Motor, Madam Suhaila. 

Tired, tired, tired~ But we were so excited for the Ice Breaking, Group activity and Team Formation! We can't wait to know the others from the different states. Before that, we were delirious! Why? Because of the dinner! So yummyyy!

Hihi sorry if this makes you feel hungry~ 

Done with the fantastic dinner, it was time to Ice Breaking!! We remember the game we played when the facilitator yelled "INVALID SQUARE! YOU'RE DISQUALIFIED!" the game was so fun and made our relationship became closer even we are from 12 different schools. 

The first day was done amazingly. Second day was tough!


Yas! We were back for day 2.

Explanation for Problem Solving Methodology.

It was as follows :

STEP 1 : Identify and Select Problems

- Select the most critical environmental problem that happen at the community as the Toyota Eco Youth Project.

STEP 2 : Understand Current Situation

-Investigate the present situation by analyzing various data and visualizing into appropriate graphs. Stratification helps to determine degree of scale, influence, importance and emergence of factors that contribute to the problem.

STEP 3 : Set Target

-Clarity the target by "What", "How Much", and "by When". Express the target quantitatively and practically. Clarify achievement level against target after activity execution. Set the Target so that activity verification and grounds can be explained.

STEP 4 : Analyze the Root Cause

-Brainstorm with "5 Why" technique with appropriate QC tool to determine the possible causes. Visit site and verify the brainstormed root causes based on facts.

STEP 5 : Draft Countermeasure

-Suggest solutions can eliminate respective root causes. Evaluate proposed countermeasures to be executed from the viewpoint of effect, practically, cost etc. Determine the action plan which consist of What, Why, When, Who, Where, and How.

STEP 6 : Implement Countermeasures

-Accurately execute countermeasures according to plan. Be sure to execute all countermeasures and periodically check the progress. Do not forget to report, inform and consult.

STEP 7 : Check Result

-Check the effect of the countermeasures against the target. Cehck the changes before and after the countermeasures execution.

STEP 8 : Standarsize and Establish Control 

-If the results are achieved manages and standardizez action. Standardize new job procedures by writing the new flow of work. Ensure complte understanding by all members or person in charge. Provide training if necessary. Observe operation by established standard. Take the necessary action to expand countermeasures for the same situation.

Fuhhh! Done with the Problem Solving Methodology briefing.

Not to forget! POP QUIZ!!

We were too focus! It was just a group activity for step 2~ 

We met the winner of last year from Kedah! SMK Taman Kenari, Kedah was the winner for the Toyota Eco Youth 2016. They shared their tips on how to be a winner and champion and their bitter sweet moment along the project. They said we need to sacrifice all of our time in this project, and also a strong teamwork and teachers can make all the works become possibly done. Thank you and congratulation! We took a picture with them as a memory <3

We hope we can be like them!

Last night at Concorde already made us sad.


Our last day at Concorde :'( Huuu, so sad~

For the last day, we had the media training and website briefing then Q & A session. Yeay, we got the oppoturnity to watch the presentation by TEY2016 Champion SMK Taman Kenari, Kedah! We were impressed by their presentation. Astounding!!

Before the launching Mr Ravindran Kurusamy, the President UMW Toyota Motor gave his speec followed by Y Bhg Dato' Sri Khairil bin Awang, the Deputy Director General of Education. And the lauching ceremony started! 

Our advisor and team leader were on the stage with mr Ravindran Kurusamy, Dator Sri Khairil bin Awang and the UMW Toyota Management.

These are the team leaders from each states with the UMW Toyota Management.

Our leader was interviewed by a local reporter. Wuuuu~

Thank you UMW Toyota Motor!

Now, the journey of our project is begin!! Wish us luck and always stick on our blog to never miss a single update from us!~~

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