"All things done must have an evaluation"

We're ready....


Hello everyone! So, the day has come. The day that we've all been waiting for. It's, judgement day.

By that I mean, the on-site judging. So, what is this on-site judging?

Well, it is made to evaluate and judge what we've done in our project site. They evaluate on the changes made.

For example, if you show the two judges a dumping site on the verification visit early on, that means that when they come again for the on-site judging, that place is no longer a dumping site.

Yes, we need to make changes. So, did we made changes to our site? We surely did. If you go on and read our whole blog board, you can basically experience what all of us had.

All changes made are inside our blogs, so feel free to join in the action.

So back to the judging, our two judges were Puan Suhaila and Mr. Hairuzin. They came early on in the morning as usual. But little do they know, we have a little surprise on show.

Can you guess what it is? Hint: Traditional.

Got it already? Ok good

Gettin' them culture....


So this is how we welcomed our judges. Yep, we wore traditional clothing from all sorts of ethnics. Sarawak is known for they're culture, so why not, right?

They came to our school around 8:00 a.m., and we greeted them like VIPs, because they are. Before going to the presentation room, we gave them some souvenirs. Cool ones

We also took pictures and stuff. So yea, it was a very fun morning with them.

After all that, we finally went to the presentation room.

To present is must.....


And this is the time when we made our presentation. Once again, we got praised for our presentation. That's three times in a row. The final presentation will be in KL.

So yea, let's hope that we get the same outcome aswell. Or perhaps, better

We presented with ease. From the introduction to step 8 to the final slide. All perfectly well although one of them had a sore throat.

We're all happy after that, even the judges. After seeing our secret weapon in this project, the judges were very fascinated.

Yea, so... moving onExhibit the exhibition....


Remember the exhibition we made? Yea it caught the attention of our judges

They really were very interested in our exhibition. They wanted to take a look at the Water Saver Bowl. That caught them the most.

Also, we basically just like showcased all of the things we had. And yea

The QnA session with the judges was also held. It's....yea lets not talk about that. After all that happend, we had tea breaks before proceeding to the on-site judging


It won't be Eco Rangers with the group pics....


And that folks is the end of episode 1 of the onsite judging. Stay tuned for the next episode.

We'll be right back... don't go away :)

Till then....


Better Environment, Today, Tomorrow and Forever