Well the first thing to do is to select the project site. We've came up with the choices of 3 interesting yet most suitable sites. The sites are BEM On The Rock Church, BEM Canada Hill Church and Darul Ehsan Mosque. We chose these places because it has been assigned for the communities meeting point or to gather together . It is convenience for us to promote our project . :)


1st site: BEM On The Rock Church

Our first chosen site is the Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM) On The Rock Church

We arrived at the site around 2 p.m to have a meeting with the church representatives . They were really friendly and really expected us to come. We took our seat and introduce ourselves. Our teacher was also did a little bit of the talking. And.... they agreed to collaborate with us.

We were toured around the building to observe anything we can observe, basically. Identifying any problems related to our topic.  They explained and stated every activity that is held and done there. 



2nd site: BEM Canada Hill Church

Moments after we visited the BEM On The Rock Church, we immidiately went to our second chosen site, which is the BEM Canada Hill Church.

We had talked to the pastor of the church about a deal to collaborate with them and make the church as a project site. Did they agreed? Yeaaa.. :) They were  happy  that we came to help them. Our passion and desire in this TEY challenge grew stronger .



3rd site: Darul Ehsan Mosque

Last but not least, it is the Darul Ehsan Mosque. 

We met the mosque's representative and chat for a bit. You know, just hanging around for while, talk about life whatsoever.... Then came the serious part, DID. THEY. AGREED.? yea they did. We are so glad that they agreed to collaborate with us .

We toured all around the site to see if we can get any information that we needed. And information we got.


And that marks the end of our step 1: Identify and Select Problem. Tiring? Yes. Fun? Yes. Soon....