"Don't make promises you don't intend to keep"

So we're back! As I promised before, the part 2 of this countermeasure.

So as you can read from the title, you already know that JAS has already agreed to help.

They came to our school to give a talk about the environment to our school students.

This is what happened...

Here comes our students. They are only from form 2, so bare with them.

We're polite, so we greet each and every one of them when they entered the room. You know, like vip's.

They were also being polite, by smiling and listening to the talk.

So basically this is just us before we started the talk. Ya there's nothing more to say actually

While we wait...

...for them to be ready.

And the talk begins. The JAS representative was very brilliant in presenting his talk. Every student smiled, laughed, reacted and interact during the talk.

The JAS members also had a really great time. The slides were very helpful too.

So yea, the students are now very aware of nature.

A lil bit of fooling around won't hurt, right?

Look at the students, happy kan. Maybe..

They are. Trust me

Group pic for dayss.

That's all for today! We had so much fun. Happy faces everywhere.

The JAS people had a great day with us and so do we.

So yea, see ya.


Better Environment, Today, Tomorrow, and Forever