Get the crowd goin'

Hey everyone! So our team had a pretty hectic weekend lately. We held an exhibition at Imperial Hotel, Miri.

I can assure you that it was filled with people. They came from every corner to visit our exhibition. We had a very fun and splendid time treating them during our exhibition.

But the main idea here is to give out flyers and spreading info to people.

That was our objective, that was what we did.

So now you can see tons of people. We had delivered flyers to them so they can read it.

Oh ya, we also asked for their autographs just cause. :p

You might be wondering, how did we manage to get this much people? To be honest, me myself don't know either. They just came storming

So the day ended. 3 hours of exhibition-ing came to an end. Tiring? yea. 

But it's okay. We're almost there, almost reaching the end.

The most exciting part was when-

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