"Seeing is believing"

For our Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) project, we visited few places in order to gain information and insights, as to how we could help better the environment. We were lucky because we met friendly people that were kind enough to guide us through our projects. We went to two places, Bintang Megamall, Miri and Sarawak Energy. Both places accepted our visits with open arms and we gained more than informations to go through with our upcoming projects. 

Destination 1 : Bintang Megamall, Miri 

There are more to things if you look close enough. Our first destination is an extremely common place, Bintang Megamall, Miri. All these while, our visits there was to shop but now, it was for our project and it made us view the place in another light. When we first went there, a friendly building manager took us around the building, guiding and explaning places to us. After much discussion and negotiations, a partnership  had been made and we were allowed to use their fascilities for our projects. One of it was the toilets, where we were encourage to reduce the use of water. 

Destination 2 : Sarawak Energy, Miri 

Our visit to Sarawak Energy was an informative one. We were welcomed by the workers there and we enjoyed the whole visit. The trip was educational and at the same time we agreed for a partnership, it was like 'killing two brirds with one stone.' We really appreciated the time and energy dedicated to us by both our team members and the workers that has help us with this TEY projects. 



"Better Today, Tomorrow and Forever"