Visit to LAKU Miri

by student22 08 Jun 2017

5th June

Our team went to the LAKU Management to take a visit to their department. Their department is full of stuff and things which is very useful for us in our project.

Basically, we went there to get educated about water. Ya i know, why? Well there's a lot of things we all don't know about water.

How to make undrinkable water turn drinkable? We didn't know before, but now we do. There you see, wise information.

We met some people who we should be meeting. They were really looking forward into helping us. Nice people

So, thanks to them.. we're a little bit more knowledgable about water. That's good

By this, our project should be a little bit easier to handle now because of what we've learnt here. That's one done.... more to go

You'd think we were just gonna leave with taking some pictures? We ain't mean people. People deserve credits for every good deed they've done. So here they are, the nice people who helped us. 

There's more to go in this project, more....

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