"Implementation, not ideas, is the key to real success"

Hello everyone! How u doin'? Good? Nice

So... step 6 is here. Implementing countermeasures. We have drafted 11 countermeasures and we will implement all of them.

This is the first implementation we're gonna do. Spreading infos through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Hey.. we post stuff there, try checkin it out.

You can see here, one of our admins posting and creating something to post to our social media pages.

Lots of stuff you can see there. We mainly post about our progress and tips on saving electricity and water


Here are some of the post we posted basically. Tips and other stuffs. 

Through the internet, we can basically tell everyone our progress and whatsoever. So through our pages, we post. Nuff said


Better Environment, Today, Tommorow, And Forever