Finalise it, quick!

Oh boy...


Good, you stayed tuned. So shall we continue the show? Lets go!

Before that, Happy Eid!

So the judges met with the church staffs and talked about our progress.

We were very delighted to see they're conversation. It was good.

The judges asked them about all the changes made to the site. And so they told them what they should now.

We did it.


Video sessions


Remember the bowl we made? Yea the judges were really fascinated by it that they decided to make a video about it.

And so why not? We took the video and showed the world how the bowl works.

That just shows that how valuable our bowl is.

Thank god for the bowl.


A great day for Eco Rangers...


And so, that's marks the end of our journey. All the things we've done here are all complete.

The only thing left is the final day. Thank you judges and all

We'll be ready for the final..

Till then...


Better Environment, Today, Tomorrow and Forever