Step 3: Set Target

by student22 27 May 2017

 23rd May 

All 6 of us TEY members held a meeting to discuss about our step 3 which is to set our target on how much will we reduce our problem for the next couple of months.

We discussed the whole day. The target we have set is based on our calculations. We can calculate, don't worry.

Based on what we concluded, our target is a decent amount but it still would be effective towards reducing carbon footprints

Look at the papers, so much was used. With proper need ofcourse. Just because we have two problems to reduce, it took us some time to complete. 

In the end of the day, all was good. Our step 3 is all done. 

Awaiting the arrival of the 4th step....soon.


Better Environment, Today, Tommorow, and Forever