by student22 01 Sep 2017

Better Environment, Today, Tomorrow and Forever

We live, we love, we lie


We the Eco Rangers wants to say thank you to all our associates that has been with us the whole campaign

Especially to BEM OTR Church, thank you to all of you that has been supporting us for the past 6 months.

It's been a very fun and inforgetable journey together. Maybe next time eh? Who knows kan...

We will make sure that you will be proud. We will come home, and bring back that prize. We will...

We also want to thank all of our teachers, friends, relatives and also some people who we don't know but knows us. All of you... and only all of you.

If i can describe all of you who's been supporting us throughout this 6 months, just one word


And so, the only thing left to do is.... the finals

This is the last blog i'll write. I'm gonna miss this. Day and night, for 6 months this blog has been a part of my life. Now i'm leaving it for judgement. Hi judges.

Any last words? Yea I have one, "When you see something or someone special, always... and always keep them close. Because you won't know when they'll be gone"

Goodbye all you readers!

Till then.... your blog buddy, signing out.