"Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

Ayy we're edging closer to an end to our step 6. This is the second last. So yea, we gonna miss step 6.

So for this step 6, as we did in our previous pre-step 6, we had put some signs at our project site.

We hope the church members won't mind it being there :)

We have completed our task. Look at the signages, cool kan. Yea

So yea, the signages are up and stickin.

What next? That's it. Done.

A picture with the church staffs. And of course with our beautifully-made signage.

From now, we hope that the church members will be more better in saving water and electricity.

As one once said, "To change a habit is easy, but to change a view is priceless". I have no idea who said that. I just wrote random things that come out from my mind.


Better Environment, Today, Tomorrow, and Forever