Upon many times of discussions, we finally had our exact team name. Our team name is the Jebat Eco Team. We put this name as the team name is because our site that we determine to do was located at Stadium Hang Jebat. I bet many of you know where is it. This place had been throwing out football matches, carnival, wedding ceremony and so on. So, with a place that will be held so many events, it is a priority to make sure the environment is cleaned enough.


Every project or task must have a system. For this part, I would like to introduce to you our organization system. Before I continue, for your information, our team have 6 major heads and 8 guiding teachers. But as TEY told us we could also take in another 20 students to help us in a project. In addition, those who take part in helping us will receive a national certificate, worth 10 marks.

Below are some pictures that include the major heads formation in the team,


Without further delays, I would like you introduce my beloved president of Jebat Eco Team, Aneesha a/p Jeyakumar. She is one of the top students in our school. Her performance in academic were examples for the other school’s students. Secondly, it would be our honourable secretary, who is Nurul Adlina Syuhadah binti Anurul Hiraq. She is a tiny girl, but appearance doesn’t matter. Her writing can give you goosebumps as well as tears.

I think my fancy descriptive are way too overload. But let's get back to the path.

Students are not in a very suitable mood to do a project work. So, they would need guidance from teachers to make their work perfectly. In conjuction, our team, Jebat Eco Team, will be guiding by these 6 noble and hardworking teachers. Below would be the portrait of our teachers.


As for the site determination, we had chose one place that is very strategic to us. Before we began to choose, we have use the “kit” called Evaluation Matrix. It was a QC tool. People will wonder how we knew such thing, and the answer is we learned it from TEY program. Evaluation matrix helped us to easily get updated to data. We can also evaluate problems from there. In our table below, you will noticed that there is three selection from our team discussion and our final decision.