This day was the day that we are going to do our countermeasure for our site. For your information, our site which is the retention pond, it has 2 inlets at there pond. Our plan is to trap the inlets with some sort of “trapping kit”. During the discussion with MNS and MPSHJ, we had determine a way to trap the inlets. It was by using a net to cover the inlets and nail the nails on the rocks to let it be more stable. But things doesn’t goes that easily, as we “risk” our life to install the nets, we found out that, it was not effective and will be hard to obtain data. After that, our teachers came out with an idea to do a steel cage that fits perfectly to the inlets.

Today is the fourth day of our school holiday. And yet we members didn’t seem to be leaving down our project. Today we come again to the project site. In the past week we had decided to exchange the net with a steel cage. The steel cage was built according to the diameter of the inlets. But things didn’t glide so easily. When we arrived at the scene, we found out that the cage was slightly bigger than the inlets diameter. But cure is always there for us. We used pliers to cut down the edges of cage until it fits firmly to the cage.

Above: The members and Tn. Hj. Kailani are finding ways to set up the trapping kit.

[22/6/2018]: This day was a shocked for the team members. As we had planned to collect the data at our project site, but we found out that our trapping kit had been destroyed by heavy rain. We didn’t manage to do our data collecting that day. And we are also on the way of brainstorming to find an alternative way.

Above: On the bottom side of the picture, the trapping kit flowed to the middle of the pond.

Above: On the left inlet, the trapping kit had “gone nowhere”.


The third attempt of completing our countermeasure is online! We had done a new one. The newest was more stronger and more easier to handle. Before we didnt put much effort on it. In return, we couldnt get any data and we failed it. But this time, we put more attention and initiative on producing a new "trapping kit". The new one was built by stronger steel metal. Eventually the kit will be stronger than the previous two.

Above: The draft for our new "trapping kit"


Today we had installed the new "trapping kit'. It looked stable and powerful. It was screwed side by side with heavy duty screws. This will made it be more stabilize and it will help us to collect data, precisely. Our members did not when down the tunnel to install it, because the works required high-skilled driller to drill into the hard stone. And also we prioritized the safety of our members. By the helps of the drillers, we managed to install the kit perfectly.

Above: The drillers were checking their works.


Today we had gone to our sites for data collecting. Members were very nervous in the beginning because we dont want the same thing happened like last time. When the members reached the site, their faces were so smiley because the "traping kit" was fulled with RUBBISH. I know it is funny to be happy but this is our job to collect the data. Plus, the data that we collected were far beyond our imagination. Wow, we didnt expect any of this. The moment can be defined as the moment of extreme jubilation.




Above: Data collecting by team members.