27th March 2017 was a blessed day because 2 representatives of UMW Toyota Motors and an officer of SeberangPerai Utara PPD came over our school for verification visit. They came at 9:00 am ,with the passion red luxurious looking ToyataVios.  The UMW Toyota representatives, Suhaila and Adi were pleased to see how we present our project. We felt so relieved when The Earth Guardian’s have succeeded in presenting Step 1 of Problem Solving Method.

After finishing,  thepresentation,the representative would like to visit the sites with environmental problem among the communities that we have identified.

The first one is Kuala Muda beach with many rubbish around the PasarBisik and the seaside. When we arrived at the beach, some of the fishermen were just returned from the sea. One of the fishermen had successfully caught a big stingray fish or known as “ ikanpari” by the locals. So, as we are extremely shocked to see the fish , we have a “wefie”. Was the fish looked big?

After discussion, Suhaila and Adi were disagree with the first site selection. So, we moved on to the second site, the mosque around Penaga. The objectives is to involve the mosque in reducing the consumption of water and electricity.  However, the mosque has already taken measures to reduce consumption water and electricity. So, there isn’t a case for us.

While we are figuring out how to involve the communities in Penaga to reduce carbon footprint, a new idea crossed our mind when we are passing by a primary school. We dropped by to visit the school and have discussion with the school’s administration team. We introduced ourselves and successfully convinced schools to run projects on reduce carbon footprint .

After a final discussion with the UMW representatives , we finally made decision on  our project to Reducing the Electricy and Water usage in schools around Penaga. Therefore, we need to have another meeting to make up a new plan for our new project.