Hello its me, I was wondering do you remember us, the Earth Guardians …… oppss sorry I was just addicted to Adele’s song.

Hi guys! How was your day today? We wish you will have a nice day . Today in this blog , I would like to tell you about how the Preparation of Toyota Eco Youth launching in Sek Keb Permatang Janggus . Are you ready guys to see what we are planning before we are going to go there ? .

First , , we decided to make a brochure and the questionnaire . The main function of the brochure is to tell the community around about us and our mission as Earth Guardians.  .

This is our brochure which we make together, simple but superb babe!

Not only that,we have also made puzzles. Puzzle is so fun for the children who visits our booth . Hope they will enjoy to play our puzzles .

So here this is our handmades puzzles , I repeat this is puzzles handmades!It is  not easy to make it , but we are very proud that say we made it . ))

After that , boys group decided to makes a Model OfElectricity Generator . So amazing and great works  because they can manages to finish this model only in 5 days . Thank you guys! All of you are so superb like a Superman.

This is our Model Of  Electricity Generator , so cool right ? Not only that , our team can explain how this generator works very well .

Yeayhhh .. Our Model Of Generator Electricity is done :P !!!!!

Then , we makes a token as a reward to the primary studentparticipate activities in our booth. We make our token using’” The Earth Guardian ‘’ Logo.

Let takes a look at our token!

Taraaaaa , yeayhhh this is our Token ;)

Look this our beautiful banner !!

So that’s all our planning to go to SK Permatang Janggus . Hope everything will go well smoothly . If you want to know more on what happenon the launching day at there’s , just stay tuned with our next blog . See you soon. Bye chubby bunny.