Hi guys! WE WISH WHOEVER READ THIS BLOG WILL HAVE A NICE DAY!. In this blog,  we shall update you about the launch of our Toyota Eco Youth Program in SK PermatangJanggus.  . 

Toyota Eco Youth Project In Sekolah Kebangsaan Permatang Janggus

In this beautiful morning, we gathered at our school gate at 8.00 a.m, equipped with all the props to introduce Toyota Eco Youth Project to all Sekolah Kebangsaan Permatang Janggus (SKPJ) comrades. We felt very welcomed by SKPJ authorities. They have prepared us a spot for us to set up our booth...

Many hands make light work. In just a few minutes time, Tadaaaa!!!!

After finish arranging all the things above, we distributed brochure and questionnaires to the all parents who attended  their children’s award of ‘ Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan ‘ .

Shhhh  , they  were busy with their works ….. don’t disturb them , Heheheh

Just look at this photo , these handsome guys who worered t-shirts were in-charge to be our spoke person representing the Tok Labu Earth Guardians.

After finishing our first mission,the awaited time is just around the corner. The headmistress of SK Permatang Janggus, Pn Halimatun Saadiah gave her speech about the  school’s successes, then she introduced the Tok Labu Earth Guardian to all the parents and students in Permatang Janggus Primary School.

We were very appreciative of Pn Halimatun unconditioned support on our project and her encouragement. We promise to do our best. May success always be with us . AaminYaRab ..

Next, here came the simple yet grand lauching ceremony. We were very honoured with the present of Dato Haji Ahmad Darus, the secretary Dato Seri Reezal Marican Naina Merican;The chair person of Permatang Janggus Mosque, Encik Che Yen bin Osman;our school, SMK Permatang Tok Labu principal, Encik Adnan bin Idris; SK Permatang Janggus principal, Pn Halimatun Saddiah, together they signed the memorandam of cooperation.

The ceremony of signing the memorandum of cooperation between SK PermatangJanggus , Jamek Mosque and Toyota Eco Youth of SMK Permatang Tok Labu.

1 , 2 ..... 3


Then after finish the launching ceremony of Toyota Eco Youth , Dato’ Ahmad Darus came and visit our Booth . ))

Arif ,explained patiently about our Generator Model to our honourable guest .

Besides , Pn Aziah did  not forget to invite Sinar Harian newspaper to spread our news about our program progress . She was answering the question

from the Sinar Harian reporter diligently  .

It was a fruitful day. , thank you for reading our blog . Stay tuned to  our next blog. Bye ,  see you then!