You were the shadow to our light. Did you feel us? Afraid our aim is out of sight. Wanna see us? let’s keep it fun!!

First thing first, we wanted to say all the words inside our head, we’re tired because of Ramadhan. No food and drinks but……we were spirited to continue our project. In order to further increase the awareness, we set up plans to work with the local communities in the Bubuk Lambuk Giving Event.  


Under the call of our chief advisory teacher Pn Aziah, we managed to collect many pre-loved clothes from our teachers to be sold in the Bundle Sale Event. 


A week before the event, we set up the banner to tell all the people in the communities about the event. 


The Earth Guardians were setting up for the Bundle Sales.


The local villagers came over to choose their Raya Clothes. At the same time, we introduced ourselves and further explained the need of saving our mother Earth. Buying pre-loved clothes are supporting the concept of reduce and reuse. 


After the bundle sales, we joined hand with the community to give out free Bubuk Lambuk as charity event as well as create awareness among the communities. 


It was a tired day. However, all effort is worth it when we can see smiles from the villagers.