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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Do you know about carbon footprint?

-Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly due to human activities.

Check it out !The are the  examples for greenhouse gases

A) Carbon Dioxide 65%


Smoke from vehicles

Logging widespread forest

Open burning


Global Warning

Rise of sea level

* High temperatures will melt a continuous blocks of ice in West Antarctic and lead to an increase in temperature and sea water.

* The coastal areas will experience flood, erosion, loss of wetlands and salt water intrusion into fresh water catchment area that could affect fesh water supply

*If this trend continues it will be swamped island of our country.

  • Spread Disease

Diseases that threaten human health such as



Eye cataracts

Skin cancer

* This will cause the number of deaths increased.

Take a few minutes to think about what will we fell if the disease has spread to our children …. Sad ?Happy ? ,or  ‘’ Prevention is better than cure ‘’. So lets think and takestepson how to solve this problem .

  • Soil Erosion and Landslides

* The structure of the soil loose and unstable due to the loss of functional grip tree roots reinforce the structural stability . This would endanger public safety

* Examples like in Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur and Canada Hill in Miri, Sarawak.

  • Greenhouse Effect (ozone depletion)???????

* The destruction of the forest will persist to cause a reduction in the conversion of carbon dioxide to organic carbon in the air, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air will cause global warming.

• Measures to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide

Greening Area

* Planting trees like fruit trees in the vicinity of residential areas can reduce the temperature ! In addition, the carbon dioxide content in the air can be reduced and the increase of oxygen through the process of photosynthesis.

Use unleaded petrol

* The use of unleaded gasoline can reduce the lead content in vehicle emissions. This step can reduce the haze that often occur in the morning and also could prevent health problems such as coughs and colds than protracted.

B) Methane 16%

• Factors

-From anthropogenic sources, namely rice

-Management of waste water as the water after washing dishes and so on

-disposal organic material

Ewww… see what we have done!! we must  change our lifestyle.. Look what happened to our community and our earth

•          Effect

  • Threatening human health

Kidney disease

Chest ache

Affect breathing (asthma)

  • Destroying plants???????

Dead plant

The plant can not perform photosynthesis

Food sourced affected

• Measures to reduce methane gas

  • Plant more trees


 -plant can produce oxygen

-can absorb carbon dioxide by more

-can balance the ecosystem

  • To process the waste properly

-segregate waste before dumping it in the trash

-recycling of waste

-re-using waste such as rubber shoes, bottles and so on vehicle tires.

C) Nitrous oxide 6%

• Factors

-Gas nitrous oxide is injected into the engine,the liquid will turn into gas lot of use of fertilizers

use a lot of fertilizers


-Increase the emission of nitrous oxide-lowering surrounding air temperature and the air mass is more dense, thus increasing the volumetric efficiency of the engine