In the earlier stages of our investigation, we found out that the villagers have been dumping and burning their trash in a hole that they dug up themselves because of the strangest reason – WASTE BIN IS TOO FAR. What we can tell you is that the waste bin is only about 200m from the dumping site.

TEY Rangers collects and weighs the solid waste disposed at the hole.

          Lo and behold,  418KG of trash which equals to 173.47 kg of CO2!

So, our TARGET is to: -

ELIMINATE the amount of carbon dioxide released by open burning activities at an illegal dumping hole.

ELIMINATE - such a big, scary word. We are not just picking up trash but attempting to change an illegal dumping site, routine, lifestyle, culture of a particular place! Are we really up for this?

However, if your dream doesn’t scare ya, it’s not big enough.

Like us Sabahans always say - DARI KITA SAJA BAITU.

Bah apa tunggu lagi guys, CLICK NEXT! :D