When it comes to identifying environmental problems in our community. It was quite easy breezy for us. Our kampong is not thaaat BIG so we managed to pinpoint the problems in just one day. Have a look at the candidates for our BIG project.


With the wonders of the Evaluation Matrix taught to us during the training session at Concorde, we have narrowed down our choices to one site, which is the to the illegal dumping hole near the wet market of Kg. Tanjung Senimpul. It is obviously the most pressing problem in the community and one that we can afford to take on in terms of time and manpower.

The amount of rubbish is OVERWHELMING. The dumping hole was practically brimming with rubbish when we discovered it. It has been there for YEARS and once it gets too full or smelly, someone would burn the trash, thus enveloping the village with all sorts of unpleasant smell. For as long as anyone could remember, the dumping hole is where the trash goes because “where else can we throw them?” the villagers said.

The biggest challenge is not the clearing of the trash and disposing them appropriately...

but in changing the mindset and culture of the community that has so long practiced throwing and burning trash without second thoughts.