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by student_smkpubp_1 10. September 2016 07:54

For the last step, we made an appreciation certificate for JPS which stand for Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran.They help us a lot in doing this project.So why not show some appreciation to them?



 This is one of our Ecosonic squad member giving the certificate to JPS manager.

So,this the end.We finally finished all the 8 steps.Wheee!!! Congratulations! We complete this phase and for the next phase is to suffer the presentation and exhibition  part. Wish us luck!

There will be no post anymore. This person won't have chance to boast around anymore. You should be glad. And I should be sad like sob...Sob...Sob. Cry But its okay. Please do me a favour by voting SMK Pondok Upeh page. VOTE US PLEASE.....KissSurprised

P/s: To the competitors, let's vote for each other okay.