First Day – Busy as a bee. Bzzzzzzz…

11th April 2017

“Fifty-three, fifty-four and fifty-“

“Hasinah, can you hand me the stapler, and the ruler please? Quickly!” Halinah waving her hand from across the wide round table to her twin’s direction. Distracted, Hasinah frantically searched for stapler and ruler to fulfil her sister’s demand and handed it to her. She returned to her position once again. Drat! How much did I count again?

It’s a chaos in TEY Bureau at this exact moment. Paper’s scrap flying and scattering everywhere making the room look like it was hit by a typhoon. In the midst of movement and chaos, came a pair of helping hand. Thanks to our supportive member, Izzah, who willingly to assist us completing the task that we need to finish today. Everybody was busy counting ticks, jotting numbers, typing keyboards, and folding flyers.


Golden Pair and Husna.


Today, Green Forces mission is to attain the census’s result and prepare the flyers that’ll be used to inform and encourage community to fathom and support our project. So we have decided to distribute our chores, our new born ‘Golden Pair’, Hasinah and Ecah (Aesya) were given the honor to do the jotting numbers and counting ticks. Only both of them were assigned for this job to avoid confusion in calculating the data. Hasinah will count out loud and Ecah will jot down the numbers. They worked fast and precise.

The rest of the members are in the ‘Flyers Factory’ dimension, fully focused on their work to prepare the flyers, working like the Oompa Loompa Squad. (In case you didn’t know, please watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). The papers will go through the black and white printer machine, the sharp scissor blade, the horror of stapler and the fast hand folding process. (A bit dramatic, aye?)

And that’s how our days went by.


Second Day – Why? Why? Why?!

12th April 2017

Get your rain coat ready dear readers, the forecast reported that there’s going to be a heavy storm in our brains. Then, please take your seat around the round table and we’re starting, whenever you’re ready.


From left: Hasinah, Maha and Dibah was discussing the result from the analysis. 


Do you know what ‘brainstorming’ means?

It means to produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion.

Today, we’re discussing on the factors that contribute to the act of illegal dumping at Taman Sri Berjaya. What actually triggered this community to commit to this crime? Crime sounds harsh, isn’t it? But what is wrong is still wrong. Thus, it is a crime. On the surface, this might seem like a light issue but the after-effect could be severe. Is it because of the environment or because that area is dark and secluded? Just a perfect place to commit the crime. Or maybe because there wasn’t any big trash bin prepared? So they thought that it’s easier and faster to just dump it somewhere. There must be a lot of factors that pressured, persuaded and encouraged people to choose this act. And we are going to figure out WHY.

Green Forces are using the ‘Why Technique’ to resolve this issue. Based on our analysis from the census, we’ve listed some factors and things that have probability or high chances that have caused this problem to rise. Starting from there, we ask ourselves the question why? By placing ourselves in their shoes and trying to empathize the problems faced by the community while brainstorming the possible reasons we could think of. Hence, this process continues on until we gain a satisfactory and reasonable results that without any doubt is the ultimate truth.


Thank you for spending your precious time to read our post.

Hope to see you on the next one!