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Hello, it’s a pleasure to see you here! Thank you for visiting our blog again and for the first-timers, we hope that today’s post will pique your interest on our school project.

Our very first step in our adventure was the mission to search for potential for Toyota Eco Youth Project with the purpose of reducing carbon footprint. Sending our best Green Force Team for this mission, they have gone through almost 20 residential area around Ipoh city and we ended up with 6 final candidate which are Taman Pengkalan Barat, Taman Siber, Taman Seri Rapat, Taman Soong Choon, Taman Sri Berjaya and Persisiran Rapat 4.


Taman Soong Choon


These crucial areas were chosen based on the criteria in evaluation matrix that consider whether this project are doable, has a suitable time period and how much does it impact our society. Doable means that the members are competent and knowledgeable to conduct this project while suitable period of time indicates that this project are able to be complete by July and the problem occur does have a significant impact to the natural resources and human health.

Based from our analysis, Taman Pengkalan Barat which are located 6.4 kilometer from our school have small number of student who lives there, which makes it hard to gain support from the student itself and the community. Taman Siber is too far from community and the problems there had no significant impact while Taman Seri Rapat potential site are located at the factory area and also far from community which makes it hard to gain support from them. Taman Soong Choon site’s problem wasn’t quite severe, the problem is people keeps dumping trash at the area even though the authority had placed no litter sign and will impose fines against the offending party and Persisiran Rapat 4 is a private compound which beyond the community’s authority.


Taman Seri Berjaya


Hence, bring us to our chosen site which is Taman Sri Berjaya that located 10 minutes travel by cars from our school and the problematic issues at this site is illegal dumping. This site also became our choice considering the factor that it’s within the member’s capability, and with the good feedback from the community there, this project schedule to be complete by July. Besides, this site located by the road at the middle between the main road and residential streets. These had significant impact towards human health. Illegal dumping could cause mosquito breeding by leaving water reservoir that provide opportunities for females mosquitos to lay eggs.In a nutshell, our team has chosen to conquer our quest in Taman Sri Berjaya as it gained full score in evaluation matrix after a careful analysis and observation by our Green Forces. Please look forward to our progress!

See you in next post. ^^