by student7 27 Jul 2017

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Halinah and Pn Zaridah represented our team to visit Perak FM. The purpose of this visit are to ask Perakians to support us in our project. During the interview, they have also been ask a few question about the project that we are running recently. 

Firstly, Halinah explain a little bit about what we are doing with our project. We have been doing so many things with SWCorps support to make sure that we reach our goals which is to reduce the carbon footprint. One of the things that we have done were, we succeeded in planting various kind of trees to replace the dirty smelly rubbish at the dumping site. 

So we hope that, the citizen in Taman Lapangan Melodi would take a good care of the plant and not to throw an illegal dumping again. We also already hold a mini carnival in that neighbourhood to create awareness among people

We hope that our hard work will produce something that will benefit the public and we seek your cooperation to follow us in social media.