D-Day: Evaluation.

by student7 03 Aug 2017



In the morning at 7.20 am all the Toyota eco youth member went to APD’s room to have our last rehearsal for the presentation that will be held on that day. Pn Robitah and Pn Sharifah helped Halinah and Diba for their presentation while En Ridzuan and En Shori were testing microphone and checking on the projector. Hasinah make a last check on every slide and she edit what is needed. We can see that Husna Echa and Maha make their last touch up all the files and exhibition things. At 8.45 am supportive team were waiting for the guest of honoured at the main entrance of our school while holding a paper fan because the weather is unbearable .


        The photo was taken by Foong and Balqis.


at the guest of honoured that we have been waiting for had finally arrived and their arrival were welcomed by the supportive team.Then, the supportive member guide the guest of honoured all the way to the office to meet and greet our headmistress Datin Hajah Rogayah .



Then, all the representative heading to APD’s room. Husna as the emcee for the event on that day. She is talkactive and that is why she is always become an emcee whenever we held an event. Next, doa recitation by En Ridzuan followed by Datin Rogayah’s speech and video presentation by Hasinah. Furthermore, Adibah and Halinah start their presentation about this project and last but not least we had a Q&A session with the representative. After that, all the representative had their refreshment (fried mee hoon and tea) then they have a look at the files.






11.30 am all of us heading to the site project for ONSITE JUDGING which is in Taman Lapangan Melodi and Taman Seri guys want  to know how much do we score? YAYYY....We got 40 out of 40 !!!......hahaha..just kidding...judges did not reveal our score actually...After that, we went back to school for our lunch break.



At 2.00 pm we start to learn and repair what is needed for our presentation and exhibition on this October.En Zain briefed us on what would it be like at the finale coming october.KINDA FEEL FREAKY...when...guess what?SMK Raja Perempuan will be the first presenter for the finale!! But don't lose your spirit guys.We will work on it.Then..Madam Suhaila continued on fixing the holes and breaks in our loooong presentation.We end the discussion at 5.00 pm and yes we were exhausted. Next ,we gave to all the judges some souvenir ( pomelo and murukku with RPS’s plaque).It is our pleasure to have them here in our school as our judges and our guiders.Huh..a huge sigh of relieve,when the bigg day comes to the end.Bed..wait for me..i'm coming home..