2 / 9 / 2017

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It's a wrapped !

That's the most wanted words we would like to say after so long involving in this project .

Challenging ? Yes ! Fun ? How come not to say no ? Memorable ? What did you expect ? Of course it is ! Gain new experience ? Countless !


Dear readers ; as what people always said oftenly - no pain , no gain .

You need to work hard , put all your efforts in , overcome the problems , struggling in order to achieve something valuable . Nothing worth having comes easy .

As a famous saying once said that ;


At the end of the day , let there be no excuses , no explanations , no regrets

                                                                                                         - Steve Maraboli


First and foremost , what are we without the oppurtunities given from our main organizers , Toyota Eco Youth ! Just to inform you readers , this is our first time joining this competition ! We are so honoured to be choosen as the one to represent our lovely state , Negeri Perak for 2017 ! Without this project , we couldn't get through all this thing . On behalf of the team , from the deepest of our heart , we would like to say thank you so much for the good oppurtunities that had been given . Truth to be told , this golden chances has changed our life from A to Z . Ok maybe from A to M ? Kidding hahaha . But seriously , thank you so much Toyota Eco Youth !


To our backbone , the very first supporters of ours , we don't know the way to say how grateful we are but surely a thousands of thank you couldn't repay your kindness and efforts . This gratitude goes for our school authorities ; mainly our principal Datin Hajah Rogayah Bt Shukor and line of administrators who did help us so much from the beginning till the end . Not to forget , the school workers and students who contributed a lot for this programme too.


Our lovely teacher advisors 


We want to dedicate a special thanks to the ones who guide us since the day one, without their concerned, we wouldn't go this far . Have you ever heard a famous saying said that quoted,

" when another is lost , dare to help them find the way "


Yes ! So relatable ! To our lovely teachers , thank you for your encouragement, always there besides us through ups and downs, guiding us from the start and together burn the midnight oil to ensure things went well as we planned . Once again , a special thanks to the best teammates ever ! Together we stand as one ! From not knowing each others now we got each others back . Who knows , this could strengthen up the bond between the members .

We learned the most important lesson ; no man in an island, everyone should know how to cooperate with others and work as a team and here's the list of our troupe consist of these amazing people who a little bit of lacks here and there I do admit, but they are hardworking, creative, diligent, dedicated, friendly, high enthusiasm and perseverance, charming, whimsical and quirky, well some of them. 


"When a friend falls , dare to be the first to extend a hand."


Equippe de blogger 



Supportive team 






Supportive team 



Last but not least , let me list first all the agencies involved . The community , SWCORPS , MBI , KoHijau , JPN , PPD Negeri Perak , The Schools involved such as STAR , MGS , SK Rapat Jaya , Anderson , The Media , followers and to everyone who contributed a lot for this programme . Oh not to forget to mention you readers ! We don't know how to say this but all your kindness means so much to us . Thank you for sacrificing your time despite the your busy schedule between work and everything else. We couldn't ask for a better support and feel so blessed for that . Thank you so much ! And we want all of you to know that we couldn't do it without you guy! Please wish us the best of luck and pray for our SUCCESS!


We would like to end this last post with a quote;

 When the day has ended , dare to feel as you've done your best.

And wears your failures like a medal, it's the prove of your effort.


Dare to be the best you can.

T . E . Y