Holla como estas peeps! We Green Force would like to share our experience with MBI radio station. Let us begin, shall we?

On Tuesday of 25th July, we went to Radio MBI for interview session with two DJs, Cik Eli and Cik Shah. We were kind of nervous of what anticipating us. Our hearts were drumming loudly that we could hear it beating almost deafeningly in our eardrums. The interview session started with Puan Andong and Halinah. The two DJs asked them the whole thing this programme was about which was ran by Toyota Eco Youth and they asked how many members in our team. Then, they continue on with the second session in which Diba and Aesya were interviewed next.

The last interview session with the Radio MBI was Halinah. Again. Haha. It’s actually pretty funny because she had to be interviewed for the second time. That must be a nerve-wrecking experience for her. During the interview session, Halinah talked a little bit more to encourage people in supporting this programme. Thus, she promote our programme by inviting people to like our Facebook page by giving a big thumbs-up and follow our Instagram.

Halinah also stated her wish of desire to win this competition for our school’s sake and to raise RPS's name throughout the entire country. At the end of the interview session, we felt relieved as all the anxiousness bubbling up inside us finally vanished. We took pictures together with the two DJs to commemorate the end of the interview and we head back to school.

That’s all for today’s post! Thank you for reading this blog. Have a good day, everyone!

Xoxo :D