“I am not the finisher, I am a starter and I am always thinking what is the next project.” - Peter Eisenman


As usual we have a weekly meeting at the meeting room. Suddenly, Cikgu Syed came dropping a bombshell to all of us. Our backbone in this project, Cikgu Razak has been in a terrible accident on the way to the mosque for subuh prayer.

He had a severe injury -  he had his left rib and  left hand fractured. He has been resting for almost a month now and our project is also put on a halt because he is the person who leads us in this project. Nevertheless, the journey must be continued despite the turbulences along its way. Cikgu Razak convinces us to go on and he promises to try his best to lead us to make this project successful.



The team visiting Cikgu Razak at his home <3

May all the blessings go to him and the be showered with all the happiness and joys. Do pray for him. Thank you in advance!

See you in the next post :)