by student18 14 Jul 2017

“I am not the finisher, I am a starter and I am always thinking what is the next project.”

- Peter Eisenman -

HEY GUYS !The first and foremost location that we suggested was Pantai Hiburan Rompin. Why? Because there is a lot of rubbish as we walk along the beach and just entirely ruined the beach beautiful view. We can see the damage done from the trash to the beach, just by looking the picture that i have provided below :

Furthermore, it was also discussed the Pusat Intelek Pelajar Orang Asli (PIPOA) would be a great place to do our project.The reason would be because there were too many government’s money wasted on paying the water bills that was accumulated because of the excessive use of water.

The last location that was suggested would be at Rumah Anak Yatim Nur Iman. Why? Because the electricity bill was so high it reach almost a hundred ringgit and the financing electricity bill only depends on donations by Rompin citizen.



After a long discussion (honestly it took us forever) we reach an agreement to choose Rumah Anak Yatim Nur Iman as the location for our group project because we wanted to help them by making an electric saving project and we also wanted to lighten their burdens with electric saving practices .


I think that is all for today. Please stay tuned for the next update,