“I am not the finisher, I am a starter and I am always thinking what is the next project.” - Peter Eisenman


      ‘It’s a long road but it’s worth it’

The qoutes describe our feeling on our journey to Toyota Eco Youth 2017 that was held on Concorde Hotel that located in Shah Alam.The journey that begin with small team only included 6 students and 3 teachers that had a big dream to gain some achievement at the programme. With little knowledge about the programme we began our first step to gain some experienced for ourselves. By holding a big task in our hand represent our Pahang state in this programme we promised to ourselves to gain some achievement that we can take in the programme. The journey that took about 3 hours to reach the destination give us some valuable moment  for some of our Form 5 team student for their final year as a school student.


                                           Our happy team :))     

         Around 1 o’clock we had reached the destination that located in Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. After checking in the hotel we had some meal for our lunch that had been prepared by the hotel management. The variable types of food such as western, arabic and malay food made us more interested on it. After taking lunch,we briefed by the Toyota group at the Grand Ballroom Hotel.


                                  Enjoying our meal

      During the briefing, we had been split into two group. First group will go to the tzu chi recycling center located nearer the hotel. Second group will go to the toyota assembly factory that located in the capital city of Selangor, Shah Alam. The first group gain many valuable things about reuse and recycle things. Second group got little bit more knowledge about how toyota assemble their car in the factory and give us some new experiences on how car was made. At the night, we had been in ice breaking programme to know each other very well.



                                Our team at toyota assembly factory

    That is all for now on. Thank you for staying. See you in our next post...