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An Unexpected Journey

by student_smktm_1 16. May 2016 15:24

5th February 2016- This was a date to be remembered as it was the day our team leader, Ellisa, had come across the Toyota Eco Youth competition. From there, it had been days of constant headaches from the search of the 5 remaining team members to the decision on who should play the roles of the 2 supporting teachers. After a few weeks, the team was finally formed despite the challenges faced whereby several students that had been asked declined the offer. And so from there on, it had been and will continue to be a great adventure for the students of SMK Taman Melawati.


Greetings! Lo and behold the only team representing Selangor in the annual Toyota Eco Youth competition. And which school are we from exactly? The great SMK Taman Melawati, of course!

(The Administration Block)

Our school is one of the few schools which has 6 blocks and is equipped with several facilities. This includes a basketball court, a badminton court, a science garden, a multi-purpose field, ICTL rooms, a multimedia room, and the list just goes on and on. I guess you could say our school is quite big. Wait no, big is an understatement. Our school is huge and extremely well equipped. That’s better.


      A stone’s throw away from our school is a food court, rows of shops and a neighbourhood. Did we forget to mention that Zoo Negara is just around the corner too? And in the coming year, two of Sime Darby’s projects should reach its completion successfully; a shopping mall and an office tower. Our school was built at a busy area. Our school is very well-known amon Melawati's residents. We have won the 1st place in MSSD 5 years in a row.We have also won a gold medal for football under 15 category and more! By saying that, we will do our best and give 100% effort for thiis competition. Our school community trusted us that we can do our best. Their hopes and encouragements are our inspiration. 

(Top and bottom-left: The front view of our school | Bottom-right: The street in-front of our school.)  


The Team